[Mindfulist] February 21st

By now I’m sure you all realize that Sundays are “days of mindfulness” according to The Mindfulist website. I keep thinking about the last post that reassured me that “everything is unfolding as it should.” This is probably a very accurate observation about life in general. I keep taking all of Brenda Della Casa’s words of wisdom with great care. I’m also coming to realize that a great wealth of wisdom has been at my finger tips for quite some time. You know her as my “silver lining.” I know her as Lori. Upon reflection, I’m not surprised that she’s full of such talent — she’s been driving the route for nearly two years now. I’ve had plenty of conversations with her, a very unusual occurrence as I usually ride the bus with my headphones on to block out the world and go within myself.

Today, I’m going to keep all these words of wisdom carefully in my mind and remain mindful of my thoughts and actions. I’m going to drink in my surroundings and pay attention to life’s lessons as mindfully as possible.

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  1. I almost bought an ipod for when I walk in the mornings, but realized that it would distract me from one of my favorite parts of walking. The peaceful mornings are perfect for thinking and soaking in the beauty of the sunrise and nature. Yup, no ipod for me. Hope you enjoy your ride this morning.

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