#TalkTuesday Restore Check In

Last month was a roller coaster. Some days I would make sure I was sleeping, drinking enough water, and eating good, wholesome foods. Other days I felt like I was fighting challenge after challenge, simply trying to make it from the time I got out of bed until the time I could get back in it. January didn’t feel very restorative to me, but I did take baby steps to building a more restorative lifestyle. My husband and I joined a gym and have been walking on the treadmill. I’ve stopped eating so much extra sugar, and I do my best to mindfully drink water.

This month I’m planning to research my interests a little more now that the Cultivate prompt series is behind me. I want to explore different options, consider prospective schools, and imagine my life if I decided to go back to school and pursue a different career path. I will restore the student in me. I’m planning to give up a lot of junk this month, too, which will restore my energy levels and overall health. I’m finding that my word is more of a mantra than anything else. When I think back on last year, nurture was definitely a daily mantra. Does this nurture me and the ones I love? Does this restore me and my dreams? I’m still carrying the mantra nurture with me as a companion to restore.






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