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Cultivate 2016 is almost here! Starting on January 11th and running through January 31st, I’ll be sending emails that include a quote, image, and prompt to get our minds focused on thriving in the new year. These prompts will help you plant, nurture, and harvest a life worth loving. You can respond on your blog, in your journal, through another artistic outlet, verbally to yourself, or through meditation. The method of response doesn’t really matter — what matters is that you answer yourself truthfully with a method that suits you best. If you’d like to batch prompts together, you may choose to do so as well. To sweeten the deal, this year I’m offering a prize to two lucky winners of a random drawing. The lovely Teresa Deak will offer a Rock the Butterfly Essence session of the winners’ choosing. She has a variety of crystals, and I highly recommend her celestite crystal if you’re in need of a good night’s rest. Teresa has an amazing energy and a talent for helping others. The winners are in for a special treat!

A little back-story behind the Cultivate series: I started the Cultivate series in January 2012 after the creators of Reverb10 stepped down. Some of us opted to create our own Reverb 11 prompts, carrying the torch into future Reverb series. I wanted to move away from the whole Reverb premise — I wanted more focus on cultivating a better life and less dwelling on the past. I wanted to nurture myself and my dreams, to foster healthy relationships and communities. I wanted to create a life worth loving. Everyone deserves a life worth loving. Over time, Cultivate has evolved into its own and leaves space for us to participate in other December projects before manifesting what’s next. If we want to manifest what’s next, we need to cultivate what’s next. The Cultivate project is about living a life worth loving. It’s about planting the seeds for our dreams and goals. It’s about nurturing and tending to those seeds so we can harvest the rewards. It’s about nurturing ourselves and our loved ones. It’s about thinking about the bigger picture and seeing the simpler, smaller things in everyday life. I believe in the power of practicing happiness and gratitude on a daily basis. I’m very excited to share these prompts with all of you, and I hope the prompts help you cultivate your dreams and intentions. And because sharing is caring, please feel free to spread the word by tweeting with the hashtag #cultivate15, forwarding this email, or sharing the sign-up link on Facebook (http://eepurl.com/pRFHb).

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