#SeptemberBreak2015 Reading

I have been reading Hemingway books off and on for the past four years. Some weeks — and months– are profoundly busier than others. But when I have a quiet moment and the urge to dig into a good story, I crack open a book to immerse myself in a different world. I’m about a third of the way through¬†For Whom the Bell Tolls, a reality that seems much harsher than my own. I haven’t sat down to see how Robert Jordan’s mission is going for quite some time, but I know they’ll all be there when I’m ready to sit down and devour a few more pages.

I am late to the party for ¬†Susannah Conway’s August Break 2015, but I intend to follow the prompts through September. I’ll tag them #SeptemberBreak2015 — because I’m not quite ready to return to my self-directed schedules just yet. Additionally, I’ll be writing my responses as my camera lens has decided to malfunction after 4.5+ years of use. *Unless, of course, I find an old favorite to share.

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