#SeptemberBreak2015 Edge

Lately a lot of situations and events have pushed me to my edge. I’m living on the edge of my comfort zone. The deaths of two important people shocked me. The constant failure of parts on my vehicle has left me wondering “what’s next?” I’m at the edge, trying desperately not to fall off the ledge. I suppose it’s like that canyon reference I made a few years back. I want to get to the other side, but I feel like I’m going to fall into the abyss between the edges. I don’t know how to be okay with edging outside of my comfort zone, particularly when all the cards must be stacked a certain way for things to work out each month. Looking towards the future and determining the necessary steps fills me with such dread. Perhaps it’s time to face my fears.

I am late to the party for  Susannah Conway’s August Break 2015, but I intend to follow the prompts through September. I’ll tag them #SeptemberBreak2015 — because I’m not quite ready to return to my self-directed schedules just yet. Additionally, I’ll be writing my responses as my camera lens has decided to malfunction after 4.5+ years of use.

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