#Scintilla13 How to Bust Your Head Open

Tell a story about something interesting (anything!) that happened to you, but tell it in the form of an instruction manual (Step 1, Step 2, etc.).

  1. Watch “Lady and the Tramp” with your mother.
  2. Think of something amazing to tell your dad.
  3. Ask your mother to pause the movie.
  4. Charge down the hall at full speed.
  5. Crash head first into the door knob.
  6. Shriek in terror and pain.
  7. Kick and scream as your mother attempts to apply pressure to your gushing forehead.
  8. Somehow make it to the emergency room.
  9. Flail and fight against the medical staff.
  10. Get strapped into a papoose for your own good.
  11. Scream bloody murder as they stitch your head closed.
  12. Wonder what the hell was so amazing that you had to tell your dad.
  13. Wonder that question for the rest of your life.
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2 Replies to “#Scintilla13 How to Bust Your Head Open”

  1. I was 5. About two weeks prior to this, I got three stitches because I had an accident playing mountain-climber in my bedroom. These were the only emergency stitches I received, but it’s amazing I never broke a bone in my accident-prone childhood. 😉

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