#Cultivate2012 Significant Others

Significant Others: When we choose to become romantically involved with someone, we’re opening ourselves to a very deep relationship. How can you nurture a healthy, loving relationship with your partner? If you’re not romantically involved with someone, you may choose to evaluate former relationships to identify ways in which you’d like to nurture future relationships.

My husband and I met nearly 12 years ago online, and we originally only had that medium and the phone to communicate and build our bond. We’ve been married for over 10 years now. We’ve had ups and downs just like any couple. After all this time and three children, life can get routine and stressful. We don’t really spend much quality time together. We may get a few minutes to have adult conversations after the kids go to bed, but it’s either couple time or sleep — or cleaning, reading, etc.

I think next year I want to schedule more time together. WE used to play cards together and watch anime. Maybe we could have a night a week where we watch an anime and play cards, sit and watch a movie, go out, or just sit and talk. Our presence in the relationship is nice, but I think we need to participate as a couple more often. We need a strong bond to face several life events and changes as a pair. Parents will pass, children will grow up and start their own families, and we’ll be alone before we know it. It’s best to have shared interests so we can grow together.

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