Winding Down Another Week

After finding a couple of opportunities worth a nice amount (see the below two posts), I figure I should add a substantial post since I’ve been a little lax in my writing lately. I don’t intend to add to my recent blog series this afternoon — I’m feeling a bit low on energy and short on time. Instead, I think I’ll opt for the tamer posts I usually write. Get ready for more weather!

Earlier this week, we had some pleasant “open window” weather, which essentially means it was comfortable enough to open the windows and let in fresh air. We generally follow the 68-78°F guidelines, so “comfort” to us denotes temperatures outside allowing our internal home temperature to fall within that range. Yesterday, we started to break 80°F, meaning it’s getting hotter. Currently, we’re sporting 88°F — where did all my lovely “open window” weather go? Sadly, this is only going to continue as it’s the end of April in North Central Florida. We’re lucky we still got those temperate days as late into the month as we are. Now, we’ll have 90+°F weather to look forward to, along with daily thundershowers and hurricane season. In fact, we have a little over a month to begin compiling our hurricane kit. I wonder when the canned food sales will start this year.

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