The Prose of an Electrate Mind exists to serve as a writing outlet for its author, Meredith Shadwill. A graduate of the University of Florida, Meredith received a Bachelor of Arts in English and studied with Dr. Gregory L. Ulmer, a pioneer in the field of electracy. Dr. Ulmer states that “electracy is to digital media what literacy is to print.”

Meredith has been writing The Prose of an Electrate Mind since November 2007. She writes from the heart when the mood strikes her, discussing topics such as mindfulness, gratitude, food, and electracy. She has also taken part in the Reverb project and the Self-Reliance series celebrating the life of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In a typical week, you may find posts for Mindful Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and Foodie Friday. Of course, this is based on worthwhile content — The Prose of an Electrate Mind may go unattended if worthwhile content isn’t available. The Prose of an Electrate Mind may also participate in sponsored posts from time to time.


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