Get to work!

So I need to wait 90 days — less however many days I’ve been active — and post four more entries asides from this post in order to be considered for [redacted]. I believe that gives me a deadline of February 11th, 2008. That seems like a fairly reasonable expectation. Of course, I’m plagued with the options of posting previous essays and works or starting from scratch. I know I’d like to submit my work to magazines and other such publications, so I definitely need to ensure I won’t ruin my chances of being published in case I’ve already published a work here. On the other hand, I really doubt I would submit my work to publications that don’t respect my intellectual property rights to begin with. Technically I’m well within my rights as an author to publish my work in my blog AND submit it to other entities while maintaining intellectual property rights.

I suppose I will spend a couple days deliberating my options.


Turkey Countdown

So much to do, so little time:

  • Clean the kitchen floor
  • Wash all the dishes
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Clean the main bathroom
  • Clean the dining room
  • Clean the living room
  • Pick out clothes for me and the kids
  • Buy butter, eggs, cat litter, and anything else needed before Thursday
  • Bake cookies
  • Brine the turkey

Sore muscles or not, I will prevail. Out of curiosity, what do you think I’d be suited for career-wise? Like I said, I’m simply curious.


Mental Block

I really ought to clarify I have a severe case of mental block at the moment. I’ve been wanting to do all sorts of things: write, update my website, freelance, clean, get out of the house, etc. I have vague ideas with no solid plans attached to them currently. I have ideas about controversial topics, but I censor myself to prevent outside parties from withholding employment or monetary compensation. Such is the way of Sailor Scorpio.


A WordPress for Sailor Scorpio

I’m in the process of customizing this thing to my liking. As of November 10th, I’ve translated the German on my theme to English, and I’ve customized my menu bar. I’ve got more to change, but I’ve gotten the aesthetics finished.