#AugustBreak2015 August Was…

August was a time to find that light from within once again. It was a time to reawaken from my haze and begin seeking answers to my questions. It was a time to put to bed old dreams that may never wake up again. It was a time to consider options and make choices that will bring the most good to myself and to my family. It was a time to watch the shooting stars and waxing moon shimmer radiant light and slivers of hope.

I am late to the party for  Susannah Conway’s August Break 2015, but I intend to follow the prompts through September. I’ll tag them #SeptemberBreak2015 — because I’m not quite ready to return to my self-directed schedules just yet. Additionally, I’ll be writing my responses as my camera lens has decided to malfunction after 4.5+ years of use.


#AugustMoon15 Day 15

August Moon 15 Day 15

A day off. Lounging and relaxing. Eating slowly and savoring the flavors. Sipping a refreshing beverage. The scent of baked goods filling my home. Simple joys.


#AugustMoon15 Day 14

August Moon 15 Day 14

I grabbed my colored pens. I pulled the ribbon as I opened the book to a fresh, blank page. I wrote my concerns. I listed my gratitudes, accomplishments, and happinesses. I wrote a page and a half. I replaced the ribbon, closed the book, and put away my pens. Releasing the words always shines a light into my darkness.


#AugustMoon15 Day 13

August Moon 15 Day 13

…napping in a hammock; swimming in a glistening pool; the sound of the waves crashing against the sandy shores, the scent of salt lofting in the air; sipping a cold glass of lemonade.


#AugustMoon15 Day 12

August Moon 15 Day 12

…feeling deeply inspired. When something lights me up from within, I personally feel inspired and ready to take on whatever tasks necessary to achieve my goals. Hobbies become passions.


#AugustMoon15 Day 11

August Moon 15 Day 11

I thrive in the sunshine. The warmth soaks into my skin, straight into my bones. Everything is illuminated, glistening in full, glorious color. Everything seems so much simpler when the sun is out.


#AugustMoon15 Day 10

August Moon 15 Day 10

…either rock or dance music. Work gets done faster — or seemingly so — when I’ve got some good music playing. I draw inspiration from music, and I can’t imagine life without it.


#AugustMoon15 Day 9

August Moon 15 Day 9

Or rather, this is the feeling I’m pursuing. I yearn for the moment in which I feel luminous. In that moment, I will know what to do, how to live my dreams.


#AugustMoon15 Day 8

August Moon 15 Day 8

Shiny, sparkling brilliance. Shimmering reflections of sunlight from the other side of the world. A silent, silvery beacon of hope.