#ThankfulThursday Unseasonable Weather

Yesterday we had a gorgeous 70+ degree day. The windows were open allowing fresh air to flow through, the slight hint of rain lofting in the air. It felt so nice when I took a walk and while I cleaned the house. Even though it’s still winter, it gave the impression of a vacation somewhere warmer. That really helped perk up my mood.


#MotivationMonday Sugar Cravings

I cannot express how difficult it’s been to avoid all my favorite sugary treats. A friend of mine always told me that white sugar was more addictive than heroin — while I can’t vouch for the latter, it’s pretty obvious to me that sugar really is an awful addiction. I have spent almost two weeks now fighting the cravings and desires to eat a piece of chocolate or enjoy a sugary coffee. It’s not even so much the caffeine I miss at this point as much as the sugar rush.

I’m motivating myself to keep going. Each day I abstain from sugar is a small victory. I don’t notice sugar crashes nearly as much as I used to. I’m motivated to keep trying.