#Cultivate2014 Day 15 Response

Set your intention(s) for 2014. It can be something as simple as setting an intention to choose happiness to something as grandiose as a list of major accomplishments. Use your best judgment, and keep in mind that you want to cultivate a life worth loving.

I intend to finish the second half of 2014 cultivating happiness by simply choosing to be happy.


#Cultivate2014 Day 14 Response

What do you need to let go of to cultivate your best life in 2014?

I find myself coming back time and time again saying that I need to let go of my expectations, but I never truly focus on doing just that. I really and truly need to let go of my expectations because those pesky little buggers disappoint me all the time. And I mean all. the. time! I’m also really needing to let go of this need to keep stuff “just in case.” It’s time to let go and bless someone else with something they need and lack. I’ve been too quick to revert inside my shell, hiding away, and avoiding all these things that need to be done so I can cultivate my life worth loving. I’m not thriving, and I’m tired of feeling like a big fraud — coming here and preaching thriving instead of surviving. It’s time to let go and start living.