#Cultivate2012 July: Taking Charge

This month I finally got things worked out to explore my health — and was only able to rule out the most obvious factor. My doctor and I had been operating under the pretense that my thyroid was enlarged and running sluggish. Blood work and an ultrasound both relieved my thyroid of all blame. Unfortunately, this left both my doctor and me very, very confused. A very visible — and palpable — mass still resides in my neck. Now we’re seeking out an ENT who’ll work with me to further explore what this thing is exactly.

Today I had an incredibly nasty flare-up. I may not have a name for this condition, but I can tell you that I do experience flare-ups. I spent much of the day processing everything internally, rehashing the same issues I’ve been rehashing since before beginning this project. I realized it’s time for another break from the same old vice — the digital noise. I’ve been rationalizing that I need to maintain my connection to the digital noise for the sake of business, but I really haven’t conducted business or contributed much in the way of constructive conversation lately.

So I’m going to unofficially sit it out for a couple of days. I need to focus more on gentle movement, writing, and being with myself — being quietly with myself, at that. My digital tethers make it hard for me to quiet my mind.