Leave of Absence

I’m taking a leave of absence from my blog, most likely until the end of the month. This gluten free experiment has brought up other questions about my health, and these are serious matters that I need to address without the guilt of leaving my sites untended. In order to cultivate myself, I must care for myself. And I won’t buy into that whole “a writer must write everyday to be a writer” nonsense — every other person gets vacation time and sick days. This writer will write one more thing before putting up the keyboard for a couple week’s respite.


#Cultivate2012 March Prompt and Outlook

Where I live, spring has come early. Spring is the perfect season for cultivation — the ground is thawing, rainstorms come to water the ground, and the sun stays out longer to shine down love and happiness. Gardeners head outside to weed, till the soil, and plant seeds. Here’s the March Cultivate 2012 prompt:

What would you like to weed out of your life? How can you till the soil of your life? What seeds would you like to plant this month?

I’d like to weed out some clutter that I don’t feel like packing and unpacking. Yes, I still have that decluttering project that I keep putting off in true procrastinator fashion. I’m digging through the dirt, turning everything over, in hopes of finding a good place to plant some seeds of serenity, sanctuary, and comfort. I’ve set an April 1st moving date in the hopes that local landlords will cooperate with regards to a new home that fits my needs and budget.

I have a lot of things planned for March. I’ll be crossing some items off of my List throughout this month. I’m looking forward to spring and all the new opportunities and freshness that comes with it.