Two Week #DigitalSabbatical

Today I’m starting another digital sabbatical — but this time I’ll be gone for two weeks.

I won’t be checking email.
I won’t be updating Facebook or Twitter.
I won’t be reading my Google reader, and I won’t be succumbing to the urges to search anything and everything on Google.

I’ll be meditating.
I’ll be getting back to practicing yoga and belly dancing.
I’ll be hitting up the punching bag. (And I totally intended for that pun.)
I’ll be tracking my eating habits and tweaking my diet again.
I’ll be drinking water (and tea when the heat isn’t so stifling).
I’ll be lounging in the pool, soaking up some vitamin D.
I’ll be petting my cats because they tend to get the shaft. Furry friends require love, too.
I’ll be reorganizing my living space — purging what’s no longer necessary or useful, storing whatever’s not needed for the time being, and making our necessities and luxuries a little easier to navigate.
I might actually pick up one of my Hemingway books and read.
I’ll get back into the 3-pages-per-night habit.
I’ll at least start on my 101 goals for 1001 days. It’s been over two years since I completed a challenge like that, and I want to do it again.