Gratitude # 7

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1. I am grateful that I’ve gotten that 50th Anniversary booklet off to the printers finally.
2. I am grateful to hear that my mother-in-law is doing much better. (She has been in the hospital with complications from the flu, and things were looking very grim for a day or two. She’s still not “out of the woods,” but we’re all cautiously optimistic.)
3. I am grateful for being tagged by an awesome blogger (see Nicki on my blogroll).
4. I am grateful for the forecasted cooler lows heading our way — hello, 60 degree temperatures!
5. I am grateful that I’ll be considered “full-term” in one week and five days. We’re almost there, little Pumpkin!


Gratitude # 6

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1. I am super grateful for the extra gifts I’ve been receiving for the baby.
2. I am grateful for the baby shower my co-workers so graciously planned for me this past Friday — can you believe it took three babies to get a baby shower? Third time’s the charm for sure!
3. I am grateful for the current fashion trends leaning towards empire-waisted clothing because most maternity clothes are hideously ugly.
4. I am grateful for the yogurt sitting the fridge, waiting for me to eat it.
5. I am grateful for reading that I’m “bubble-worthy,” according to Nicki. I smiled so big when I read that.


Gratitude # 5

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1. I am grateful for Sunday morning breakfasts.
2. I am grateful for the extra sleep I get on the weekends.
3. I am grateful for leftover soup.
4. I am grateful for air conditioning.
5. I am grateful for my family.


Gratitude # 4

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1. I am grateful for Gorilla Glue, which is (hopefully) going to fix my picture frame with all the little kitties on it and holds my family picture from Christmas 07.
2. I am grateful for the many wonders of Google — I can’t count how many times I’ve used that fancy little search engine to answer all sorts of questions.
3. I am grateful for professors getting their students to return keys.
4. I am grateful for my key clip cone.
5. I am grateful for the pieces of chocolate I had this afternoon — because sometimes chocolate is a necessity of life.


Gratitude # 3

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1. I am grateful for the networks of women I’m connected to that have offered up good vibes for a vertex baby.
2. I am grateful for easy dinners, like tacos — always a favorite in my house.
3. I am grateful for the near-completion of a few projects.
4. I am grateful for a recent comment that indirectly alerted me to the issue of my comment box being white with white text. (Um, yikes! I clearly wasn’t paying attention to that part of the coding, was I?)
5. I am grateful for another day of gainful employment.


Breech Presentation

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So for the past two weeks or so, my little Pumpkin has decided he really likes curling up in the breech position with his little butt resting happily on my bladder (of course, wouldn’t you like a squishy little bladder to sit on?). What gets me the most is that I went to the chiro because I felt like something was misaligned. They fixed my hip alignment, but then he flipped from vertex to breech! Go figure, right? In some states, this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, but in Florida? Nope, people don’t really do breech births anymore. It’s not that it can’t be done (safely) — it’s just that the doctors are out of practice (so much easier to pick up a scalpel, I guess), and the midwives are legally banned from delivering such babies.

In any case, I’m getting ready to submit myself to serious amounts of torture to get him to flip vertex (anything to prevent another c-section). Think elevating hips, putting ice-packs on my tummy, no more lounging on the people-eating couch, and plenty of lights and music at the bottom of my tummy. All of the above are much less traumatic than a c-section. Please think happy baby flipping to the OA (occiput anterior, aka the optimal position for babies to be born in) position for me!


Gratitude # 2

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1. I am grateful for my continued youthful appearance, as I was mistaken for a teenager this morning.
2. I am grateful for the extra ten minutes I had to get ready this morning, even if I was a little bit cranky about it at first.
3. I am grateful for my midwife, who treats me like a normal patient/ client instead of a walking c-section scar.
4. I am grateful for knowledge.
5. I am grateful for apple season.


Initiating the Gratitude Series

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I will be documenting five things I am grateful for on a daily basis — or at least, that’s the plan. I apologize if I become repetitve at any point in time with my list, but I will try to be original as much as possible.

1. I am grateful for the delicious plate of tiramisu that I will consume today.
2. I am grateful for the cooler weather this morning.
3. I am grateful for having a job that allows me to utilize my creativity.
4. I am grateful for my lunch breaks that allow me to spend some mid-day time with my family.
5. I am grateful for the my cloth bags that make carrying groceries on the bus much easier.