Deadlines, deadlines

It would seem I’m taking on another project that will need to be completely finished — as in printed and delivered — by the end of September. I’m pretty sure our friends over at Alta will be quite pleased with our upcoming orders. Luckily, this new project is virtually completed in its textual context. I’ve already placed the text in InDesign, and I simply need to cover work, two pages of short text, images scanned and placed, and text organized in such a way that it flows well. I don’t imagine this would take very long unless those final two pages of text are late. They’re being written by two different people.

Of course, there’s the ever-present newsletter that somehow always manages to go out two or three months later than I’d originally planned. I’m still persisting that this newsletter will go out before the baby comes out. I’ve got several things to get in order for that to happen, though. Make no mistake — I will not succumb to this deadline being pushed back unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

Here’s hoping we’ll succeed in going to print on time for both projects!


Calm, Peaceful Blue

Utilizing my superb googling skills, I managed to find a great resource for mixing a good color palette (thank you,!). While I can’t say I’m totally satisfied — this still isn’t the “wow” design I’m trying to fabricate — I think this should be a sufficient interim layout. Blue is supposed to be a calming color, and the dark text on the light background should be easy to read. Please be sure to leave feedback on my latest attempt!


Removing Grass Stains

Please be advised I will be altering the color scheme in intervals as I have time. I apologize for the ugly mess that will result for the interim.


Stick Around

If you’ve just landed on this site, please stop for a moment. I request your feedback on color schemes that tend to keep your interest. Do you have a preference? Clearly, I have no desire to cause severe eye strain by placing yellow text on white background (or any other such atrocity). However, I only know what colors appeal to me. While I could just make the site to suit my personal tastes, I would like to ensure I don’t chase away readers because they don’t like pinks or purples.

Please leave a comment and let me know!


Avidly Reading

Today, I read the final installment of Dooce’s birth story. I think that’s one of the best birth stories — if not the best — I’ve ever read. Her style is so vibrant, in-your-face (yay cliché phrases!), and humorous. I adore humorous people, and at times I try to emulate them in anyway I can. I don’t believe I do a very good job of it, but I suppose it’s the effort that counts. In any case, I must post this discretionary piece of advice for those of you who aren’t quite fond of “foul language.” I personally don’t mind it, especially seeing as how it brings me comfort — I did grow up in NYC, where rush hour traffic consisted of car horns honking and people cursing. I guess I also felt a little more inclined to enjoy her work after reading her “about” section, in which I learned she’s a fellow English degree holder. I also learned she’s living my dream — neither parent has to work thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Rock on.

It would seem I’m most certainly accumulating good reading. One of these days, it might be nice to become one of the read rather than just being the reader. To dream big is to live in my world.