The Life of a Freelance Writer

As it would seem, I’m still in the preliminary stages of beginning my freelance writing career. My focus remains the daily routine with just a pinch of time devoted to my writing. However, I have heard that the first newsletter I’ve assisted in editing should be in print as of today. When it becomes available, I fully intend to parade my work shamelessly. What fun is there in sitting idly by without having a readership? In addition to said newsletter, I’ve completed three articles for the Florida Friends of Midwives blog. I’m considering posting those articles here with backlinks. Again, what would the fun be if I didn’t share my work?

I clearly haven’t been keeping myself active enough in order to utilize [redacted] as a viable option just yet. I also haven’t worked up the motivation to install Google Adsense and other such programs that would potentially net lovely income. I also haven’t been invested enough to continue my search for publications to either pitch an article or submit an article. Let’s call this an unofficial to-do list, and let’s also say I need to set goals and deadlines for these items. I find myself feeling relatively foolish just watching bloggers and time fly past me while I sit here daydreaming of rolling hills and fresher air.

Let us first assume that I should at least take a baby-step towards my goals, thereby instating that I should write every two to three days during the next month. At that point, I will resubmit my blog to [redacted] in order to gain that extra bit of income. Let us next assume that I should have a definitive deadline in which to monetize this blog, which should coinside with other income goals. I have set a goal to increase my income to a specific amount in two years from this coming Saturday. That being stated, my writing should be at least a small portion of my income, and I should have this blog monetized by then. I should also be submitting and pitching articles on some sort of regular basis. For the sake of clarity, we shall choose the arbitrary number of once a month as defining “some sort of regular basis.”

On that note, I will begin brainstorming future blog entries, as well as begin research for my next FFOM blog entry.